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Welcome to Morning Star Quilts. We are located in the foothills of Northern California in the town of Paradise. And yes Paradise is all its name implies.

Morning Star Quilts is and continues to be a dream come true. We have just completed our fifth year of business. The owner and the staff are in total agreement that the customers are the heart of our store.

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We are here to help you with all your quilting needs. The staff at MSQ all have a vast knowledge of quilting techniques and a great sense of humor.

We believe life is to be enjoyed, and our goal is to make your day. Whether it is helping you pick fabric, patterns, figure out a problem, or just coming in to touch and feel and have a good laugh.

Even though our history in time is rather short we have made great progress. We were chosen to be a “Top Ten” shop in 2008!

After our first year in business we expanded our store by 1000 sq. feet which enabled us to carry a lot more fabric. We love batiks and we have many bolts to offer you as well as a wide variety of other fabric designs.

We recently added a new area to our shop that showcases embroidery patterns, Cosmo floss, pearl cotton, wool, wool patterns, and much more to entice you and fulfill your needs for hand projects.

In 2009 Shelly  and I bought a Handy Quilter Fusion to have at home. I was really having a hard time quilting all my samples in a timely fashion and going broke paying someone else to quilt for me.

I made a statement once that I would never have a long-arm, that’s a funny one! I went to a long arm class at Handy quilter in Salt Lake City and fell in love with the company and their products.

So we are now selling long arms at the store and teaching beginning classes. We sell the Fusion, Av ante, and the Sweet Sixteen.

Shally has gone to training at Handy quilter and is now a technician for Sewing Machine Reporter.