Join Marsha for this fun club! Applique club is the perfect chance for you to finish up your projects or start a new one. Marsha will be starting the project pictured and anyone can join her.


Cost: $ FREE

Sculptured Pumpkins is a project that was chosen to introduce and demonstrate some ways to enhance and embellish any project. There are six lobes to the pumpkin plus leaves and stem, making eight different embellishment techniques for you to practice.


Cost: $ 50.00

Longarmers Anonymous is a great way to network with other longarmers. Join us on the Second Tuesday of the month to share, learn, and acquire knowledge from each other. The brand of long arm does not matter. Midarmers are welcome also.


Cost: $ FREE

Want to get away for a day and play with your friends? What a perfect way to do it. Come and enjoy our classroom, bring your lunch and spend a day of no interruptions from husbands, kids, or ringing phones. It is the perfect opportunity to finish those UFO’s. No Instructor. You must call to sign up or check availability.


Cost: $ 5.00

Please feel free to contact us for your query!!